I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how proud I am of the leadership of each Jurisdiction for their role in making some very difficult decisions in these unprecedented times. Thank you for putting the health and safety of your members FIRST and understanding this is what must happen in these uncertain times. These are indeed stressful times, but I anticipate that in the sense of true Eastern Star we will not only survive, but will come out of this with more connection and support for each other.

Please take care. Stay healthy, stay safe, stay strong, and stay in!

- Marianne Shenefelt

Most Worthy Grand Matron


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If the Worthy Matron is absent from a regular, stated Chapter meeting who should preside at the meeting?

A. The Associate Matron presides (Ritual, page 39, Associate Matron’s charge; GGC Red Book, Rules and Regulations, Duties of Associate Matron, Section 10., page 91).

Q. Should the Worthy Matron respond to the Salutation Sign when it is given in balloting at the Altar?

A. The WM should not respond when the Salutation Sign is given in balloting at the Altar (GGC Red Book, The Ballot, page 171).

Q. Which hand should be used to cast a ballot?

A. There is no Law stating which hand is to be used in balloting.

Q. Is it necessary to install re-elected officers?

A. Yes, it is necessary to install re-elected officers (GGC Red Book, Book of Instruction, Installation Ceremony, page 193).

Q. Is it improper to assume the Reverent Attitude (loosely clasped hands) in public?

A. It is permissible to assume the Reverent Attitude in public. This is not a secret sign.

Q. What is a “closed” meeting and what is an “open” meeting?

A. A closed meeting is a meeting where the Conductresses “prove” the Chapter Room to ascertain that all present are members of the Order; Ritual work is exemplified (opening, closing, initiation, etc.); and the private business of a Chapter is conducted. An open meeting is a meeting that does not include any of these activities. Open meetings are social gatherings, open Installations as permitted by the Ritual, etc.

Q. Is it acceptable for non-members to attend closed meetings?

A. No. It would be improper and unlawful to allow anyone who does not have the proper credentials (a GGC OES dues card) to attend a closed meeting or session of any type, business or otherwise. Non-members and the public can be welcomed and attend open meetings.

Q. Can video conferencing be used to conduct a closed stated Chapter Meeting?

A. No, it is illegal and unacceptable to use video conferencing to conduct a closed stated Chapter Meeting (GGC Red Book, Book of Instruction, page 190). It is acceptable to use video conferencing for open situations (open means no Ritualistic work or private Chapter business) such as social gatherings, open Installation ceremonies, etc.

Q. Are common law marriages legal for a couple to join?

A. If your State recognizes common law marriages, i.e., considered married by common law, it is acceptable for them to join.